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More Than A Game is a mental performance coaching company that aims to help improve performance both on and off the field.

"Those instances brought me failure and success, resulting in continued growth and the ability to apply ever-evolving mental toughness to all aspects of my professional and personal life"

"Looking back on my time playing for Coach Huntington, I was regularly placed in situations that challenged various elements of mental fortitude"

"Mental toughness is part instinct and part learned behavior, and instincts will only get you so far.  The elevated levels of confidence and trust in yourself [and your team] constructed through preparation and experience is where the development of mental toughness lies"

NFCA Hall of Fame Coach, Leslie Huntington, is a three-time national champion softball coach at University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire and the Blugolds’ all-time winningest coach. Leslie has over 30 years of softball coaching experience and sees the need for more focused mental performance training:

"I started More Than A Game because I felt there was an incredible need for young athletes like yourself to improve their mental performance [...] More Than A Game is the place where you can grow your mindset and perform like never before"
Founder, Leslie Huntington 

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