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My journey to Mental "Toughness" started with myself. While I thought I was mentally tough, and I thought I knew what it meant to be mentally tough, I really had no clue. Looking back, my actions and words didn't align with what mental toughness means to me today. I wasn't a very mentally tough coach. And I demanded mental toughness from my players, even though I didn't set a great example. One day it hit me.
My players didn't KNOW HOW to be mentally tough, and it was my responsibility
to teach them. So I dove into any type of book or other resource I could find. I had to figure it out.
Several books, videos, and seminars later, I had a plan. Teaching
Mental Toughness became not only something I felt I needed to do
to help my players become the best they could be, it became my passion
and a source of a much higher purpose. I realized that I had a 
softball field for a classroom, to teach not Mental "Toughness" but rather the 
critical life skills my athletes would need to thrive in their lives and find
full satisfaction and fulfillment. That's where my Mental Performance buisness
started, and that's why I do what I do. I hope I have the privilege someday, 
of helping you!

LH MP Founder, Leslie Huntington, is a three-time NCAA Division III champion softball coach and was inducted into the National Fastpitch Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2021. She led the UW- Eau Claire Blugolds to 3-straight WIAC titles (2004, 2005, 2006) a feat never before accomplished in the WIAC, in each year also being awarded WIAC coach of the year, and then its first ever national championship in 2008. Leslie's coaching staff also earned national recognition in 2008 when they received the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) Coaching Staff of the Year award. She has also been named co-coach of the WIAC All-Time Team and is the only current UW- Eau Claire coach to receive such an honor. Leslie has been a head athletic trainer in a collegiate setting for 6 years and has done work in mental performance for almost 30 years. In addition to her coaching career, Leslie has 20 years of experience as a certified athletic trainer,

LH Mental Performance Founder, Leslie Huntington


"Pre practice meditation has allowed me to calm my mind and body. Especially after a stressful day of classes, taking just 5-10 minutes out of my day to focus on my mind allowed me to really be where my feet are. It helped me be a better teammate and leader in practice (basically allowed me to be the best version of me each and everyday for my teammates and coaches)"


"Our focus on the mental game & pre-practice meditation has helped me keep my focus on the things that I can control (which is my attitude & my level of preparation going into practices/games). It has also helped me set in place routines so that when situations get stressful or out of my control I can fall back on the fact that I have control over my routines & my approach! Overall it has just helped me focus more in the moment instead of always being so concerned with what comes next!"


"Meditation has helped me with focusing on the present and thinking about how I can be better in the moment rather than thinking too far ahead. The present-moment focus has helped decrease the amount of stress I have."


"Meditation really helped me to take a break during the day and separate from the stress of the day. It helped me to focus on the task at hand-softball. Our mental preparation throughout the spring helped me to relax a great deal more and not stress about things I could not control."

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