Join other athletes like yourself in the 5-week journey to mastering your mental performance! If you have previously only spent time and money on physical performance, More Than A Game was created for you. Sign up for the next MTAG cohort today to receive:

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If a potential recruit has taken initiative to sign up for the MTAG course, that means they are proactive in improving all aspects of their game. MTAG gives athletes everything they need to succeed from a mental performance perspective which better prepares them for college sports. Follow this link to find these MTAG Alumni:

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Give your athletes an extra edge by signing up for the MTAG team package! Physical performance can only get your team so far; help your athletes get over the mental block that inhibits their performance. Allow them to begin excelling in discipline and focus both on and off the field today!

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Is your son or daughter a natural-born athlete that struggles with the mental side of sports? MTAG is built for building a strong mental base from the ground up. Learning to excel in mental performance from three-time NCAA Div III champion softball coach Leslie Huntington can give them the upper edge as an elite athlete and in life! Check out the course today!

"Mental Performance Bootcamp was terrific. The entire series had lots of applicable pieces to use, and they all fit together so well. There were lots of great tools to use to improve the mental aspect of the game!"

-Makaela Hoffman, HS Coach and Principal, and Mom

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