Sessions will be one hour in length and will be held on Zoom. Participants will receive a Zoom link via email shortly after signing up. All sessions will be recorded and the recording will be sent to participants following the call. 

For less than the cost of 8 hours of private lessons, you can SPEND your Christmas break staying the same, or you can INVEST in your break by closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

In just 8 days, you will have the tools you need to stop getting in your own head, and start mastering your mental game.

We will meet LIVE via Zoom on the following schedule:

Day 1 - Dec. 26th 7:00 pm

Day 2 - Dec. 27th 10:00 am

Day 3 - Dec. 28th 10:00 am

Day 4 - Dec. 29th 10:00 am

Day 5 - Dec. 30th 10:00 am

Day 6 - Dec. 31st 10:00 am

Day 7 - Jan. 1st 10:00 am

Day 8 - Jan. 2nd 10:00 am